Need a hotel for your group?

Group Choice has 20 years experience in providing hotel rooms in the UK for leisure groups. Whether you need a base for a sports competition, theatre weekend, sightseeing trip or family reunion, let us do the work and save you money. 

Some companies just book the hotel and then leave you to it. We go much further, dealing personally with the booking from first enquiry to checkout. We have extensive experience of arranging hotel breaks for groups of 20+ guests and nothing is too much trouble. We can arrange individual check-in, meeting rooms, private dining, early breakfasts and late checkouts. All in all, we're very accommodating. 

We're also a bit unusual in another important respect. We don't ask you to give us a budget, we simply get the best deal available which could be much less than you expect.

Due to our experience as group tour operators, when you make a hotel booking with us we can offer plenty of advice on attractions and places of interest in the area you are visiting. We will provide you with group rates and facilitate your booking for all UK major attractions - this is a free service which will save you time and money.

Whatever your needs, let us find a suitable venue for your leisure booking at a price that will keep you smiling! Give us a call or complete our enquiry form below.


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